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Banc de Binary

The Broker Banc de Binary was one of the first who began on the market of the trading binary options to work. The company started its activity in 2009 and already has more than 250,000 customers. With the highest level of customer support and a large base of the assets can be Banc de binary to be the market leader among the most successful brokers for binary options. Advantages and disadvantages of the work with the BDB seat and regulation within the EU: Banc de binary is one of the few broker for binary options on a license of the Cypriot securities and stock exchange supervisory commission (CySEC).

The international reputation of the company: Banc de binary has several international awards in the area of financial services won. Among them are the price of Binary Options Lead Ersin the nomination “the best Broker Europe” in 2013, “Best Platform” according to “Binary Options Strategy” and “Binary Options Daily” and others. Ensuring the safety of operations and monetary assets: in order to ensure the protection of personal data by dealers to ensure that the company uses a Security Certificate with Extended Validation (EV-SSL), which even the largest banks and companies in the United States and in the EU is used.

Online customer support around the clock in English: Banc de binary is one of the world s leading broker, a round-the uhr-kundensupport offers in English. The verification process takes fairly long: as the Banc de binary of EU financial supervision is subject to all dealers of the broker onoff reaching strict procedures for account verification run. Before proceeding with the trade with binary options begins, a scanned copy of the identity card, as well as place of residence confirmation (e.g. pay invoices for services) should be submitted.

Trading Terms

of Broker Banc de binary offers customers a wide range of assets to – currencies, raw materials, shares and indices (a total of more than 190 tradable assets). All customers of the Brokers get excellent bonuses, starting with welcome bonus (up to 100% in the first deposit) to VIP bonuses. The profitability of the binary options for the Banc de binary is one of the highest (up to 91%).

Account types

for the Banc de binary are four account types available. The Holders of bronze accounts (from 250 Euro deposit) have access to all trade instruments and tradable assets, as well as to the all-around-the Uhr-Kundensupport (also by phone). A silver account (from 2,500 euro deposit) includes direct connection zumpersonlichen account manager (10 days) and free trading signals from the Trade Center (1 month). A gold account from 5000 euro deposit), in addition to all the benefits of Silver account a risk free act with account manager, individual discussions of financial analysts and a unique program “clever money management plan”.

Customer Care

Banc de binary hatdie price sévon FX Empire and forex partner forthe tip Nivea udes customer services. The broker was also in the second year in the following IAIR eals winners of the award for “outstanding achievements in the field of trading binary options” category. For BDB get the dealer the excellent service and support 24/7. Conclusion The Banc de binary has its leading position on the market for the trading binary options fully deserved. This is the best choice for all dealers einoptimales result want to achieve the long-term work on the financial markets and a large value on the reliability of business processes. Mor infos about Binary Options you will find on:

Bwin offers Freebet

The Champions League is on 28. May 2016 one last time in the hot end phase. In the final meeting Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid together. It is a Spanish final in which Real Madrid is the clear choice. But even Atletico has in the course of the tournament proved that they were better should not underestimate.

The bookmaker Bwin has now devised an action. If the game 0:0 ends, customers a 50 Euro Free Bet. So it remains to be seen if the teams able to stand up to pressure or whether a at the end of the nerve will lose.

To secure the free bet of the action of the bwin betting provider bwin will take place from 25. May to 28. May 2016. Customers can use this time to take a single bet on the exact result and are in the event of a zero number with a free bet rewarded, up to 50 Euro. The offer is however on customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are limited. It is important that the single bet before the game begins on 28. May 2016 is set.

Should the game after the regular playing time a score of 0:0, customers their lost bets refunded. Results from the extension or by penalties are not taken into account. For the action of bwin can only (Pre-Match) single bets are accepted. The maximum value that can be refunded is 50 Euro and corresponds to the use of the set (Pre-Match) single bet.

For more participation rules of the action the Free Bet is placed to the customer 48 hours after the end of the action will be credited. This should be within 7 days after the promotion end can be used. The can however only for sports events on the website of the bookmaker. For the promo action will only Pre-Match-single bets are accepted in advance of the CL-finals were set. Live betting odds will not be taken into account. Also Bet With Cash-Out, were paid for the action can not be used. The same applies for bets have been placed with a FreeBet. In this case the customer will be only the net profit of the FreeBet.

Canceled bets are paid not to the terms and conditions of the action. Per customer, account, E-mail address, credit card, IP address and computer is the action only once available. Bwin reserves the right to certain customers of the action is excluded, provided these have the necessary conditions of the action does not meet. Nor can it be that the terms and conditions of the action may be modified, about the players must inform themselves at any time. Bwin also reserves the right to the action without naming of reasons to terminate prematurely.

10 common Eating Habits that Lead to weight Gain

“Hoping to drink beer without gaining weight is the same as winning the lottery and expecting that no sketchy relatives will ask for a boat.”

There are few people who do not get into indulging in their diet and they eat what they like.

This leads to getting to eat calorie heavy food. This becomes a habit over a period of time and leads to weight gain. Some of the common eating habits which without us knowing leads to weight gain are:

1. Television eating: Very often we eat while watching television. The problem with eating in front of TV is that we do not pay attention to our plate. A very common vision comes to me is of my brother eating his food while watching his favorite TV series. He does not realize and eats more than his normal. Chips are the common food that one eats, without realizing it directly adds to your weight.

2. Sleep Loss: Loss of sleep affects the appetite. Medically it affects the secretion of a hormone cortisol which regulates appetite. So if you don’t sleep enough you eat more and result is weight gain. It’s a very common mistake that sleeping leads to weight gain. Of course if sleep is more it affects your level of physical activity, but adequate sleep is critical to keep healthy.

3. After Dinner Treat: It’s common to have something sweet after dinner. Anything sweet has lots of calories. It directly adds up. After dinner the physical activity is at minimum level hence the sugar intake directly converts to Fat.

4. Skipping Breakfast: Most of us do not have a healthy breakfast. We just have little breakfast at the start of the day. Eating well after a break of 10 hours is secret to keeping munching junk food at bay. Generally it leads to cravings that force us to eat fat rich junk food without realizing.

5. Filling up the Plate: The most common eating habit is to fill our plate with food. It’s not a good approach as we are compelled to eat all of it even if it is more than our intake. Instead we should try smaller portions and stop eating when we are a little less than full.

6. Forbidding certain food items: It is a common practice to forbid certain food items we like because they are calorie rich. However it is very common to eat more when you get the chance and that is not good. Such kind of eating habits directly lead to weight gain. The more balanced approach is to indulge in eating what you like modestly. This will help in keeping weight under check.

7. Dining Out after a diet week: This may lead to over eating as we feel attracted to good looking food after a diet week. Invariably the food we eat after a diet wee leads to weight gain. The approach should to drink a glass of water or have fruit salad before the main course.

8. Eating on the go: Eating on the way to office is another case where we do not watch what we eat. It is almost similar to eating while in front of TV. We eat more while not realizing the fact. This habit surely leads to weight gain in the long run.

9. Eating when under stress: We may pick up this habit as we all have targets to meet and emotional stress invariably. We are not conscious and more times than not we indulge in over eating.

10. Drinking sugary and alcoholic drinks with our food: Drinking juices helps us is a common mistake. Almost all packaged fruit juice contains sugars which add up the calories. Harmless looking coffee and tea breaks also lead to adding calories.

Dollar softer as US data bolsters greenback

HE Australian dollar is lower against the greenback, which made broadbased gains on the back of US data. At 0700 AEDT on Monday, the local unit was trading at 71.36 US cents, down from 72.20 cents on Friday.
Westpac economists said US data including — including gross domestic product, inflation and consumer spending — added fuel to a recovering greenback on Friday night.
The US economy grew at an annual rate of one per cent in the fourth quarter, beating analysts’ forecasts.
“However, we’re taking this surprise with a grain of salt,” the economists said.
“Much of the revision reflected a larger-than-expected inventory gain, which could reverse over the coming months.” There was also a larger-than-expected lift in US inflation, while consumer spending had the largest monthly gain in 10 months. A busy week for the local data calendar starts with fourth quarter company profits and inventories, January private credit figures and an inflation gauge for February.
BK Asset Management managing director Kathy Lien said Australian and Chinese manufacturing reports were due for release on Tuesday, along with the Reserve Bank of Australia monetary policy meeting. And, with local GDP and retail sales figures and US non-farm payrolls also due this week, there’s no shortage of event risks capable of triggering big moves in currencies.“The recent recovery in US and European equities could evaporate if Chinese manufacturing activity slows,” Ms Lien said.
“By the same token, new highs could be seen if the data shows stabilisation in the economy.” Ms Lien said the manufacturing numbers will help shape expectations for the RBA’s interest rate decision.