Bwin offers Freebet

The Champions League is on 28. May 2016 one last time in the hot end phase. In the final meeting Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid together. It is a Spanish final in which Real Madrid is the clear choice. But even Atletico has in the course of the tournament proved that they were better should not underestimate.

The bookmaker Bwin has now devised an action. If the game 0:0 ends, customers a 50 Euro Free Bet. So it remains to be seen if the teams able to stand up to pressure or whether a at the end of the nerve will lose.

To secure the free bet of the action of the bwin betting provider bwin will take place from 25. May to 28. May 2016. Customers can use this time to take a single bet on the exact result and are in the event of a zero number with a free bet rewarded, up to 50 Euro. The offer is however on customers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are limited. It is important that the single bet before the game begins on 28. May 2016 is set.

Should the game after the regular playing time a score of 0:0, customers their lost bets refunded. Results from the extension or by penalties are not taken into account. For the action of bwin can only (Pre-Match) single bets are accepted. The maximum value that can be refunded is 50 Euro and corresponds to the use of the set (Pre-Match) single bet.

For more participation rules of the action the Free Bet is placed to the customer 48 hours after the end of the action will be credited. This should be within 7 days after the promotion end can be used. The can however only for sports events on the website of the bookmaker. For the promo action will only Pre-Match-single bets are accepted in advance of the CL-finals were set. Live betting odds will not be taken into account. Also Bet With Cash-Out, were paid for the action can not be used. The same applies for bets have been placed with a FreeBet. In this case the customer will be only the net profit of the FreeBet.

Canceled bets are paid not to the terms and conditions of the action. Per customer, account, E-mail address, credit card, IP address and computer is the action only once available. Bwin reserves the right to certain customers of the action is excluded, provided these have the necessary conditions of the action does not meet. Nor can it be that the terms and conditions of the action may be modified, about the players must inform themselves at any time. Bwin also reserves the right to the action without naming of reasons to terminate prematurely.